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Cum să înțelegi un subiect dificil în câteva ore

  /  Arcca   /  Cum să înțelegi un subiect dificil în câteva ore

Class That Fit Your Busy Life.

Judith Cooper


It’s not the first time you’ve studied for a subject that everyone says is difficult, is it? We know, we’ve been there and it’s not easy, but with a little inspiration, it can be done. The session is pressing on all of us, and in case you don’t have the slightest idea where to start documenting yourself so that you can find newer information that will clarify some doubts, you can look at the list above down. I have made a selection of links that you can access to benefit from a lot of new knowledge on any topic that might interest you!

Let’s get started:

  1. Right Relevance  is a content curation platform. Basically, after you enter a few keywords and select the fields you are interested in, you have links with news or articles about anything you need to know 😀 Try  it here .
  2. Coursera  – a site full of FREE training courses, founded by some professors at Stanford University. You sign up, read what you need to, do one mini-task a week and get your participation certificate. Their courses can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, but they don’t take xvideoxvideostudio.video editor app ios much of your time. You can also listen to them like audio books, and the introduction to the subject is much simpler and to the point. Your time is valued and that’s a big advantage. Plus, Coursera degrees have even brought internship opportunities to high school students, so you might want to start using it. Learn more about Coursera  here .
  3. Class-Central is  a platform that includes several courses from Ivy-League universities in the States. Here you can find courses that are taught at  Harvard Yale Stanford  or  Brown , for free, news that makes us happy, because we have access to a lot of knowledge that we would not find here. Many of the courses are also on  Coursera , but here you have a clearer categorization, so that you can more easily understand what exactly you want to study. See more  here .
  4. Wikipedia. Ce, nu te așteptai să găsești Wikipedia aici, așa-i? Ei bine, află că e o sursă numai bună de informații de bază pe care le poți asimila rapid și eficient. Știi deja unde o găsești.
  5. iflscience.com e renumitul site I fucking love science. Cu cele mai noi articole despre cercetare în diferite domenii ale științei, IFL este unul dintre cele mai whatsapp bulk sender license key generator accesate site-uri de unde poți afla cele mai inedite și neașteptate informații despre orice.

Nu mai spunem de National GeographicNASAEncyclopedia.com sau orice alt site de știri, pentru că pe acelea suntem siguri că le știi deja.

Great session! We’re sure you’ll pass with flying colors this time too. We are waiting to hear laughter and muted music again in the halls of Arcca! ????



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