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student housing


3 campuses situated in 3 different areas of Bucharest
2600 accommodation places for students from any university
Comfort, safety, super-community!

Fixed all-inclusive rate

From 160 €/person/month. All utilities included, monthly payment.

You pay for 10 months only.

You pay the rent just for the university year. No stay over summer, no payment.

You have your own bathroom, fridge & microwave.

Rooms are fully furnished, have private bathroom, refrigerator & microwave.

Close to the metro station & to the university

The campuses are located close to the metro station – you reach your university fast

ARCCA Campuses , the students’ and stars’ favourite place!

One monthly cost which includes everything.

Why Arcca and not rent?

Save money
Have extra benefits.
You have an amazing social life!


You always have friends, you are part of a COMMUNITY

Arcca: you get help whenever you need it

Arcca: you are well-informed

Rent: limited circle of friends

Rent: you have to manage on your own

FIXED monthly rate

All-inclusive rate without hidden costs

Arcca: utilities included

Arcca: you pay the same EUR amount every month

Rent: you pay for each utility separately

Rent: there are always unpredicted expenses

Pay just for 9 months

Pay just for 9, not for 12 months

Arcca: Pay as you stay

Arcca: if you do not stay in the summer, you do not pay

Rent: you pay for 12 months or more

Rent: you pay rent and utilities over the summer


You can change your roommates with no extra costs, in case you have different interests and hobbies

Arcca: it is simple to always choose what is suitable for you

Arcca: you can count on us whenever you need help

Rent: it is difficult to make changes

Rent: any change comes with extra costs

Read what our residents say about Arcca:

Arcca is the perfect place to spend your student life, because there is a new family here that welcomes you with open arms. Here I have friends, fun, excellent conditions, and I feel safe. Arrca is and it will always be a part of my soul. This is my third year here and I have no intention of losing my second family!

Daniela, 21 years old

Râmnicu Sărat

I chose Arcca because it was recommended to me by my cousin who lives nearby. The facilities of the dorm made me choose to spend my student life here. I found it pretty easy to fit in, given that I wasn’t very sociable. In time, I discovered many wonderful people who helped me fit in and overcome my social anxiety.

Tiberia, 19 years old


The friendships that I struck up here with various people will last for decades and I can honestly say that, if I were to be a student again, I would choose Arcca Campus again.

Jhon, 22 years old

Râmnicu Sărat

I chose Arcca Vitan student campus at the suggestion of my best friend who is also my roommate. I like this place a lot! It has a wonderful community with wonderful people willing to socialize, thanks to the events organized on a regular basis and to the excellent living conditions.

Sergiu, 22 years old


I chose to come to Arcca after having trouble finding a convenient apartment. I didn’t know anyone, but after a couple of days I started going out with people in the campus. It is the place where everyone can socialize. It is impossible not to make friends. It is a welcoming and beautiful community. I love that we go to the sports field almost every day. The administration staff is wonderful and always ready to help. I had never imagined I would live in a dorm, and I am not leaving anywhere any time soon, I have been living here for three years now.

Bogdan, 22 years old


I chose to live in this dorm because it is one of the most beautiful and more comfortable in Bucharest, I came here at a friend’s recommendation, and once I got here, I realized I didn’t want to leave this place anymore. Here you can find everything you need, from laundry room, to restaurant, reading rooms, football pitch, a lot of friends, maybe some life-long friends. Arcca hosts over 2.000 people who, to my surprise, get along with one another very well. It is a community you cannot part with easily. In other words, Arcca is like a second home to me. Arcca is #TheBestPlaceInTown

Mihnea, 22 years old


I chose Arcca because of the opportunity to join a welcoming community. I chose to live here because of the people I met at the presentation of the dorm, nice people, open-minded people who would gladly help you anytime. I lived beautiful moments here and if I were to chose again, I would chose Arcca, that’s for sure.

Ștefania, 24 years old


After five years spent in Arcca Campus I can say that it became my second home. I liked it from the very beginning due to its location, I believe this area is one of the most beautiful in Bucharest. Plus, it is very close to the metro station and to the bus station, so it takes me little time to get to the university, to the Old City, to Regie or Băneasa. Another advantage for which I chose this dorm was the fact that it has all the facilities I need in the room and all the utilities are included in the price, unlike a state dorm or an apartment. Here I got to know and make friends with wonderful people, I spent some of the best moments in my student life, and that is why I stayed for so long.

Teodora, 22 years old


4 years in Arcca Pajura. If you ask me, I don’t know when time went by. Our room has become my new “home”, and if it had a voice, 4 years would not be enough to recount all the things we have been through. It has seen us growing up, laughing, crying, and so much more. Soon I will have to say “goodbye”, but will I be ready for this? What’s sure is that I’ll ask it to take care of whoever it will host in the future, just like it took care of me.

Alexandra, 23 years old


The best choice by far. Here you have all you need. It is just like home, I may say. The rooms are great, the furniture is modern and in good shape. Coming to Arcca has turned out to be a good choice. You have all you need right here, close to you. I can say it is my second home and that I couldn’t imagine a better place where to spend these years.

Adriana, 20 years old


Arcca is more than just a place where you spend your day-to-day life, here you can make real friends thanks to the pretext of “co-location”, but not only. It is a perfect place where you can relax, socialize, and get out of the boring routine from the university. An experience worth trying!

Andreea, 21 years old