You’ll live in a Smart Community

Arcca Community is a smart entity which cares about you. For any kind of information, suggestion or feedback, Arcca team is ready to listen and help you.

Your student years with us

Your first year is likely to be the most intense one. There is an avalanche of new experiences, starting with classes, teachers, your room mates, new and old friends. At Arcca everything is geared to be in your advantage, you can put any questions and you will get all the information you need.

Ask your older colleagues about important things as:

What expectations to have when you start college? How can you easily integrate together with your room mates? What do you have to know about the life in campus?

Once you reside in to the Arcca environment, you’ll realize that you have made the right decision.


Being a student for the first time brings a major change, which all young people feel. The independence, freedom and responsibility to be on your own are some essential steps for you to become more powerful, stable and confident.
In Arcca you find a list of advice that will help you settle in easier.

Far away from Home? In Arcca you find Joy.

In Arcca you have over 2000 friends with 2000 life stories and if you have moments of solitude, you have the occasion to interact with those around you who feel the same. Your new friends become your happy and unique family, you’ll grow together, you’ll dream together, you’ll create history together.

The environment gives your wellness

Be in harmony with yourself, with the people around you and life can show you only positive nuances.
Since Arcca takes care of everything, it leaves you more time to take care of yourself. The excellent facilities on campus, help you become the best version of you, having everything you need.

Healthy food for happy neurons

In your student years’ days can be intense, unique and it is possible you get carried away and you forget to eat healthily. Your mind needs some essential elements, in order for you to feel in shape and connected.

Omega 3 – Fatty acids which helps for a better functioning of the brain, which your own organism doesn’t produce naturally. They are found in fish, soya, nuts and other seeds.

Proteins – Your brain is mostly made of proteins, this is why it needs them for maintenance and development.

Vitamins – Vegetables and fruits are the best food choice and you can find them anywhere.

You need three meals per day, vegetables and healthy food. It is cool to cook something with your friends in campus. Arcca offers you the best conditions for you to have a healthy life style. You keep your good food from home in your fridge, you warm it up in the microwaves, you cook in the kitchen or you eat at the on-campus restaurant.

Opportunities for your talents

In Arcca you have opportunities which help you grow and develop. You have open doors to volunteering programs, courses and free training, specially dedicated to you.
You may have access to job offers and partnerships. Around you we create a Smart Community, made to support your passions and talents.

Noise management

Arcca is an environment where young people are expected to respect each other. Even if you are a night bird or an early bird, for sure you’ll need your moments of peace.
You are encouraged to use headphones and have free and positive discussions on this topic. What is important is the fact that there will always be a space for harmony and solutions for your wishes and needs.

The parent’s corner

We know that education starts at home, so we decided to continue it in Arcca.
The student years are beautiful, complex and ask for adjustment skills from young people and also from their parents.
In Arcca this stage is easier, because young people have conditions like in their homes, attention and safety.
As a parent you are in peace because your child is surrounded by friends and optimism. In first place stands the freedom of choosing the most important things and creating their path in life the way they dream of it. Leaving home is a necessity, recommended step towards responsibility and maturity. Arcca is ready and waits for them with open arms.